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Am I an eligible donor?

You can donate every 3 months if you:

are a healthy adult between 18 and 65 years of age

are free from any communicable diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, etc. 

weigh 45 kg or above and

haemoglobin level is 12.5 g/dL or more

If you are not sure, you have nothing to worry about! Before you donate, you undergo a free checkup to ensure that you can safely donate blood.

wait for a year after piercing and/or tattooing

blood pressure is such that systolic is 100-180 mm Hg and diastolic is 50-100 mm Hg

are not menstruating, pregnant, breastfeeding during donation or have had a miscarriage in the past six months

We just need a few details!

Remember that the power to save lives is in your arms.

Terms & Conditions:

By submitting the above form I consent to be reached out to via phone call, sms, email or any other form of electronic communication.

It is further clarified that my registration on the website/this form shall be deemed to be my consent to be contacted for the purposes mentioned above,

(i) on the mobile number shared by me if I am registered with the national customer preference register (NCPR) and have opted out for receiving promotional calls and messages and

(ii) by way of sms or email notifications or messages in any other electronic form.