We always value and cherish the community of hardworking people who make us what we are.

Anyone with a passion to save lives is welcome to join our team as a volunteer or work with us.

To apply, please write to hr@khoonkhas.org with a cover letter and resume.

You make us.

Our journey has been enriched by the people and organisations who have joined us in doing what we do.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to multiply this kindness, whether it comes through hosting awareness talks, organising blood donation camps, or collaborating to make saving lives a joint effort.

If you are someone like us, we would love to hear from you.

Drop us an email at contact@khoonkhas.org, if:

  1. You want to organise a camp/awareness talk together
  2. You are a hospital/blood bank who wants to collaborate
  3. You wish to partner for long-term